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Private Music Instruction  

Age 4 - adults

  • Piano 

  • Theory 

  • Composition 

  • Exam Preparation  

  • Jazz Piano

  • Jazz Vocal Training  

  • Ukulele 

Kids Jazz Ensemble 

Calling all young musicians aged 8-12 with at least two years of private lessons under their belts! Get ready for an exciting Kids Jazz Combo experience! 


Imagine playing the coolest tunes from Spiderman, Super Mario, and easing into the traditional jazz repertoire - it's a musical adventure you won't want to miss!

In my workshops, you'll not only play these fun songs but also dive into the basics of jazz. We'll explore improvisation in a way that's easy and exciting for kids, learn how to listen and play together in a group, and understand the structure of music that makes jazz so unique. It's the perfect blend of learning and fun, all in an energetic and supportive environment.

So, grab your instrument and join us for a jazz journey filled with thrilling music and new friends.

Jazz Up Your Weekends: 6-Week Jazz Singing Group Class for Adults

Start Date: January 20, 2024

Every Saturday, 2:30 - 3:45 PM

Location: Pallas Piano Academy, CWB

Fee: $3300 for 6 Classes

Kick off the New Year with a swing at our jazz singing group class. Embrace the rhythms of jazz and elevate your singing and listening skills.  This is your chance to start 2024 on a high note!


  • Dive into a rich jazz repertoire and learn new skills

  • Develop your musical ears in a supportive group setting

  • Enjoy the camaraderie and joy of singing together

Welcome to Jessica Zuch Studios, where music education meets personal growth and well-being. As your instructor, I bring a unique blend of expertise, teaching piano, voice, theory, composition, and jazz improvisation across a broad spectrum of musical styles and student levels.


Whether you're a budding musician or an advanced learner, my lessons are carefully tailored to your individual journey in music.

What truly sets my teaching apart is my master’s degree in counseling. This background allows me to integrate evidence-based psychological methods into my teaching. This approach not only enhances the mental and emotional wellness of my students but also provides valuable support for those facing various learning challenges.


By combining music education with counseling techniques, I offer a learning environment that nurtures both musical skills and personal development, creating a space where students can thrive both artistically and emotionally. Let’s embark on this harmonious journey of music and self-discovery together

Jazz Piano Chord Basics:
Unleash Your Musical Freedom

Workshop Date: January 27th

 1:00 PM - 2:15 PM

Location: Pallas Piano Academy, CWB
Price: $600 

Welcome to your first step in the captivating world of jazz piano! This introductory group workshop is designed as a gateway to mastering jazz piano chords, using a unique and effective approach I've developed. It's tailored to help beginners embark on what can often seem like a daunting musical journey.

In our initial session, we'll focus on the crucial basics of jazz chords. This foundational skill is just the start of your exploration in jazz. The workshop's method breaks down learning into small, manageable steps, ensuring the process is less overwhelming and more enjoyable. It's the beginning of a journey where each step is clear and achievable.

But remember, this workshop is just the starting point. For those who wish to delve deeper, I offer a range of engaging and fun lessons that build upon what you've learned here. Each lesson provides more profound insights and techniques, continually enhancing your jazz piano skills.


Join me for this workshop, and let's start a thrilling and fulfilling adventure in jazz piano together.

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